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Hello everyone in this article I will present an interesting ICO analysis, called Eosex , based on some of the following criteria.

About EOSex

As an early and enthusiastic supporter of the EOS platform, the EOSex project team registered the domain name, www.EOSex.com, way back in 2017 in anticipation of the coming explosive growth in the EOS ecosystem. Now, with EOS already off and running, the EOSex has also successfully gone live! The EOSex team members include solid professionals from across the fields of blockchain, finance, IT, and law, and are backed by well-respected heavyweight blockchain investors (such as Broad Harvest Capital) who have all come together to create a global exchange that is secure, self-governing, high-performance, and transparent. The exchange uses a mining system that has been specially designed to prevent the types of massive collapses that have already been seen on other exchanges. Plus, EOSex is truly community-based--a true DAC, where 100% of exchange profits are distributed back to all EXP (EOS Exchange Proof) token holders, and where all EXP token holders have a say in exchange policies, in voting for new listings, and participating in other exchange programs and promotions. EOSex is designed from the ground up to be a fair, open, and transparent exchange. In addition to the trading of cryptocurrencies, EOSex will also offer trading in CFDs, as well as on-chain token trading—thereby satisfying the needs of all types of investors.

EOSex is building a global one-stop trading platform for quality assets. We intend to provide a safe, fair, and transparent digital asset trading platform for the blockchain industry.
We are creating an ecosystem built on a distributed governance system that not only allows for the trading of cryptocurrencies but the trading of tokenized financial derivative products, making for a complete digital trading platform that can access the world. The founding team was an early adopter of the EOS platform, having already worked on a number of successful EOS-based projects. Thus, the team was able to clearly see early on the strong potential of the EOS platform and of the EOS community and moved to establish the EOSex.com website to begin building a platform that could capitalize on the coming explosive wave in digital asset trading on the EOS platform. The EOSex team brings together professionals from the fields of the blockchain, finance, IT, and law, backed by solid financial support, to create a fast, secure, open, self-governing, high-performance, transparent, community-based global digital asset trading platform.

Project Highlights:

Listing Process for EOS-Platform Tokens:
We intend to list high-quality EOS-platform tokens with new tokens listed in cycles of 15 days. The top-5 tokens that have the highest proportion of tokens deposited with EOSex relative to the total number of tokens in circulation, will receive automatic listing on EOSex.

Listing Process for other Tokens:
New listings will be chosen from a coting process that is different from other exchanges. EXP token holders will be given voting rights based on the number of tokens held and the number of days held, and the EXP tokens will not be destroyed during the voting process. For each voting period, the top-3 projects will automatically qualify for listing.
Voting Power = Number of EXP Tokens held x Number of Days Held

Support for Trading of Financial Products:
Naturally, EOSex supports spot trading in cryptocurrencies. However, once the platform achieves a certain level of volume, stability,  and security, we will begin introducing new financial products for trading in underlying based on equities, forex, commodities, etc. Thus, we will become a global exchange for a full range of trading products. Naturally, this will generate ever-larger revenues for EOSex, which, as always, is 100% distributed back to EOSex token holders (EXP).

Mining Rules:
Total number of tokens available for mining is 3 billion. Once all such tokens have been distributed, the mining program will end. “Mining” describes the process whereby 100% of trading fees are rebated back to the user in the form of EXP tokens. The value of EXP to be distributed each day will be based on the price at 6:00pm Hong Kong Time, and will then be immediately distributed.

Calculation of Profit Distribution for EXP token holders:
Total income for the day x EXP tokens relative to the total number in circulation

Daily Profit-shareing Cutoff Time:
Each day, at 8:00pm Hong Kong Time, the total value of all commissions received for the previous 24 hours will be calculated and then corresponding value of EXP tokens will distributed to all EXP token holders. Any EXP token holder who has not logged in within the last 24 hours, automatically forfeits their distribution for that day.

Buy-back Process:
Profit Distributions to the EXP Tokens held by the EOSex team are used to buy back EXP tokens from the market after which those EXP tokens are permanently taken out of circulation by being sent to a dead address. Such buybacks will cease once the total circulation of EXP tokens shrinks to 5 billion.  EOSex maintain a separate web page where up-to-date figures will be published for total number of EXP tokens in circulation, mining volumes, number of tokens bought back, number of tokens destroyed.

Token Destruction:
Commissions received from trades among EXP group trading pairs will be automatically be taken out of circulation by being sent to a dead address. In future, the EXP community make decisions on commission rates for EXP group trading pairs.

PREVIEW OF EXCHANGEThe exchange is also user-friendly especially if you are new to exchange site .

EOSex plans to offer digital asset spot trading, CFD trading, and on-chain trading. EOSex will issue exchange tokens, called EXP (EOSex Proof). Once EXP tokens have been issued, EOSex will no longer be an independent blockchain entity, but rather a distributed company controlled by its community, by EXP token holders, and by the EOSex foundation. All EXP token holders will share in the profits generated from EOSex. Thus, EOSex will become a community-based platform that will work together across all of its members and partners to create a global one-stop platform for quality digital assets.

The Advantages of Trading on EOSex:

  • • 3 – 100x Leverage Available!

EOSex maintains large funding reserves to provide deep margin support, unlike other exchanges that offer futures contracts or continuous futures contracts, but which often run into liquidity shortages. With EOSex, traders can easily go long or short from any price point.

  • Users can Deposit USDT to use as Margin

EOSex not only gives users access to the top cryptocurrencies but gives access to these products via internationally recognized assets.

  • • The diverse range of products available for trading

The EOSex trading platform gives users access to the leveraged trading of the world’s major equities, key equity indexes, commodities (e.g., crude oil, gold, etc.), bitcoin, Ethereum, and any other asset class that attracts capital flows.


Benefits and Profit-sharing Enjoyed by EOSex Community

Each day, each EXP holder is entitled to share in 70% of profits generated on the EOSex exchange. Profits are calculated as 70% of the previous day’s exchange profits, divided by the total number of EXP tokens in circulation.
Each day, at 8 pm, Hong Kong time (GMT+8), a snapshot is taken of exchange profits generated during the previous 24-hour period and will be distributed to all EXP token holders at the ratio described above. Any user who has not logged into his/her account within the previous 24-hour period is considered absent from the community and forfeits their distribution for that day.
EOSex will use 30% of that day’s profits to buy back EXP tokens from the open market and then send those tokens to a dead address, taking them out of circulation and reducing the overall number of outstanding tokens. Daily figures will be published on the total number of EXP tokens in circulation, the total number of buy-backs, the total number of tokens sent to the dead address, and a breakdown of major token holders.

Attention! Investment Schedule.
There will be a total of 4 investment rounds from 15th of October to 20th of November 2018:

EOSex is now in Partnership with Starteos & EOSBet

More Info Eosex : 

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