FORESTING ICO: The Social Media Network Built For Its Users

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FORESTING is a new blockchain-based social media platform which seeks to turn the existing paradigm on its head. On the FORESTING platform, users are actually paid for the content they post, rather than simply being data generators for big media corporations. FORESTING is currently in the midst of a pre-sale which runs until the end of the week. The initial coin offering will see 40% of the 24 billion PTON tokens made available to the public. The economic ecosystem provided by the platform will be run on these tokens, with users receiving various amounts in return for their activity on the website.

The normal actions that you take on social media every day, such as posting, commenting, sharing and even liking will all be made profitable by the PTON token. At the same time, every transaction and every click on the site will be stored irretrievably on the blockchain. This means there will always exist a secure, distributed log of all of your earnings on the website which can’t be changed or altered by anyone. All of this comes from a blockchain startup which is making headlines for its progress in the crypto space. Indeed, FORESTING was recently named among Korea’s thirteen most promising blockchain startups, where it kept company with such high profile projects as ICON (ICX), and the crypto exchange, Upbit.


FORESTING Network there shall be for every specific person without the desire of past wisdom concerning the cryptocurrency aka blockchain. This new idea was inspired to create a networking platform that may allow customers to detect the great of content material creation. FORESTING Network designed to permit content material producers, as effectively simply due to the fact the device of distribution of sales for the provider . All content material varieties are eligible for the award, of consumption, as effectively as help systems-oriented content
  • FORESTING Features
    Introducing the brand new ecosystem FORESTING consisting of FOREST (community members) who're running at the ideas of Networking, connecting and interacting. The ecosystem also consists of here features:
  • Platform FORESTING
    Part of FORESTING operates as a public media platform blockchain which works underneath the decentralized device for the distribution of fair quality.
    The middle of FORESTING Network is offering monetary suppliers to hold the remuneration of content. It will cross via the bank digitally, FORESTING Bank
    In addition to helping sports at FORESTING Network, there may be helpful for marketing sports as effectively a network of content material creators..

FORESTING Blockchain Benefits In Exchange For Social Media Rating

  • Interface
    The aim of FORESTING is brought towards person suppliers take pleasure in as effectively as take pleasure in extra intuitive than the problematic idea of service.
  • A Simple Coin Exchange
    FORESTING also serves to permit the person so as to function greatly to their content material by offering a safe conversion structures for them to earn cash as a reward.
  • Support Content
    By utilizing blockchain, FORECASTING adds customers with the greatest technology to add aka obtain some aspect content material with a seamless tutorial.
  • Device Optimization
    A diversified ecosystem of the appreciable FORESTING to integrate society's fate, as effectively as versions will permit them to suggestion content material whenever put on any device.
  • Security and Privacy
    An foremost area of technology blockchain is the decentralized nature of the system. A function identical to that delivered the greatest privateness safe practices as effectively as for customers simply due to the fact there isn't any entity that controls its operation.
Reasons Why You Should Join Foresting ICO: 

  • New idea
Foresting has an amazing concept of giving back to content creators and hope that everyone who shares our view of a decentralised world invests!
Foresting ICO is a blockchain based social media platform that rewards you for the content you create. Foresting makes it possible for content creators from all over the world to get rewarded. The concept of this new social media token can turn your content into a currency.

  • Large and talented development team
It can be seen that the project team is young, but has a lot of experience working with blockchain technology and communications.

  • Marketing strategy, project introduction is very impressive
The promotion of the project is very extensive, from the blockchain conference, Korea, New York. This shows that the project is very ambitious to develop in the future.

  • Sponsored by major partners

Bitforex, Bibox, Google, Sony..etc .. are great partners and almost guarantee the success of Foresting ICO. These large partners will only fund projects that they feel are very potential, which creates great confidence for investors.

PTON token serves as a defining great to offer the appreciation of participants who contributed content material to FORESTING. The token doesn't imply works equally to different on hand crypto passes via mining. Token PTON there shall be in accordance with the degree of the contributions of the participants. Part of it also may well be used to permit customers achieve purposes of device FORESTING.
The device is the FORESTING Ethereum internally. When the tasks in progress, 24 billion PTON Token redeemable for mPTON (temporary name) with the degree after the release of mainnet 1:1. FOREST Bank and credits score PTON, which is criteria founded mostly on credits score assessment structures that attach with content material advent as effectively as curatorial, will function the Token economy. FORESTING do tasks faster. as effectively as earlier than the release of the beta experiment to FORESTING mainnet as effectively as operation of the supernode managed fee token passing PTON assigned to Reward Pool in Token Distribution.
Private Presale: April-May 2018 2018
Public Presale: July 2018-August 2018
ICO: August-September 2018 2018
Token name: PTON
The token supply: 24 billion tokens
Available for sale: PTON 9.6 billion (40%)

Token Distribution

  • Token sale-40%
  • Team and founders – 25%
  • Advisors and marketing-10%
  • Partners-10%
  • Reward-10%
  • Reserve-5%
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