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What Is Republia?

Republia is a decentralized ecosystem, that within one project combines all operating mechanisms of blockchain technology, that are in demand in the industry. The ecosystem is based on an innovative technology, which, in turn, buttressed by a proprietary blockchain, implemented using the functional programming language — OCaml.

So did you know that the aim of the Republia project was the creation of large-scale decentralization

ecosystem, content is the element of the country closest to us and the basic mechanism is blockchain technology, where you as a consensus decision-making user and directly affect the modernization of all ecosystems.

  • Users will be protected and comfortable at every stage of the operation;
  • Global problem solving;
  • The expansion and complementarity of the blockchain ecosystem is the way with the ICO Republia Platform;
  • The creation of ecosystems is recognized in a general scope and is ideal for building and maintaining projects.
    Some of the tasks performed by Republia
  • Your certainty as a user in managing the middle ecosystem component is a transparent and democratic management system (its ecosystem);
  • Prevention of scam projects;
  • Building trustworthy and transparent relationships between users facilitated with sophisticated smart contract systems;
  • Except for the possibility of losing or stealing your account as a user from three levels of security (Veracity System);
  • Providing asset exchange services and creating liquidity for Crypto currency RPBs;
  • Coin approval does not include high volatility.

How Republia Transactions Work

The Republia Blockchain is made up of several blockchains and demystifies the challenge of scalability by a way of vigorously snowballing the number of sidechains as well as introducing master node and nodes. The master node gets requests from the ordinary node and eventually accepts or discards the transaction.

Primarily, transactions become part of the pool and according to the pagination, they are then taken by the node. The entire process eliminates any attempts of fraud, following positive responses from the master node, which acts by recording transactions to the ecosystem.

Roles Of Republia Decentralized Blockchain Community Platform
  • Prevention of emergent scam projects
  • Assisting users to control the components of the ecosystem through a transparent and democratic management model
  • Establish dependable and transparent relationship between users
  • Exclude possibilities of losses or theft of user accounts
  • Introduce a coin excluding high volatility
Prototype — MVP

Republia has an MVP, now you can try it, by visiting it there you can try some features that have been provided. I recommend that you register as a new user if you have not joined. MVP strategy of Republia focuses on testing hypotheses, but not on the reducing functionality for the sake of a cost-saving measure. All products in the early stages will be integrated into the system on the basis of reviews of the first users. Republia Foundation uses the following products to test viability of different solutions:

Bank — The minimal product Republia Bank is designed for users to get to know about the bank and the “parking” system from the initial stage of the project. “Parking” is a voluntary deposit of coins. Upon registration each user gets 10 conventional units, those interests that users will receive from “parking” process, will be converted into real RPB coins.

Wallet (Messenger) — MVP Wallet provides the ability to test the speed of Republia blockchain and send money to each other not by hash function of the wallet, but by usual username. The system of contacts (Republia ID) is embedded in Republia Wallet, where the user can send funds to another member of the ecosystem with a single click on the contact.

Smart-contract platform — MVP Smart-Contract Platform is developed to assess the convenience of creating smart contracts in GUI. In MVP Smart Contract Platform users can create a smart contract simply by clicking on the desired icons. Users can try to create smart contract for renting a house, monthly payment for utilities, payment of debt etc

Voting — MVP Voting System introduces advantages of WE-Government technology. In MVP Voting System participants can vote for changing or modifying an ecosystem product. Also this system includes voting for/against changes in the technical protocol of the project, which eliminates problem of hardforks.

Below I will explain about the technology used by Republia:

1. Transactions in the network.
Rebublia consists of many blockchains and the scalability problem broken down by intermediaries increases the number of sidechains dynamically and introduces master nodes and nodes. The master node receives requests from ordinary nodes and transaction approval or rejection responses. First, the transaction enters the pool and the commission is adjusted to the node. To verify the validity of the transaction and the fact that the address has all the total to make this transaction, the sending node asks to enter the node, the decision maker is based on consensus. this method does not cheat on the network. After a positive response from the master node, the node records the transaction to the network.

2. Transaction anonymity.

Republia gives consideration to the importance of anonymous transactions, therefore applying this option to the system. Anonymous transactions are part of an anonymous parent node, which is divided into unequal parts. Therefore, the recipient gets a number of fragmented transactions, so the sender cannot be seen.

3. Isolation of application problems.

If the network termination application is still operating, freezing for problematic applications and separating the entire network. This step will give other users the opportunity to feel comfortable every day when using the Republia protocol.

4. System security.

Avoidance avoidance, introduction of the "" mechanism, which means the elimination of a certain number of RPBs. from cases of node fraud, cancellation of frozen funds in their wallets. Avoiding attacks through the depth of the "Checking" tool is introduced, which means it freezes at a certain height from the block, so blockchain cannot be recorded again. if spam attacks users, the makers of a large number of transactions are detected, increase commissions with each payment, and in the future, algorithms will seriously limit this user from sending transactions.

5. Voting does not include hardforks.

Troubleshoot Republia System hard disks with automatic protocol updates, which occur after selecting among all ecosystem participants. Users without installing full nodes to participate in voting, because of the sustainability of voting using unique identifiers - RepubliaID. Participation in voting is possible both in the wallet version and in the personal account in a special tab.
Benefits of Using Platform Republia:
  • Establish trustworthy and transparent relationships between users with sophisticated smart contract systems;
  • Exclude the possibility of losing or stealing user accounts through three levels of security (Veracity System);
  • Allows users to manage ecosystem components through a transparent and democratic management system (our ecosystem);
  • Prevent the emergence of SCAM projects;
  • Providing services for asset exchange and creation of liquidity for RPB crypto currencies;
  • Introducing coins, not including high volatility
The Republia SC Platform is a broad platform for implementing IoT solutions, based on the functional programming paradigm and the OCaml programming language, which supports formal code verification.

Republia Initial Coin Offering
Token: RPB
Platform: Own Blockchain
Token for sale: 39,000,000 RPB (65%)
Token supply: 60,000,000 RPB
Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 50,000,000 USD
Accepting: ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, USDT
Schedules100$ - 2000$2.000$ - 5.000$More 5.000$
1st week20%22,5%25%
2nd week10%12,5%15%
3rd week5%7,5%10%
4th week0%2,5%5%
Coin distribution
Fund distribution





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