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TwoGap Crypto Platform was framed to bring for Crypto Investors the chance to get great and greatest scale loss-breaker items. It is known as CryptoBond. TwoGap stage will assist guarantor with encrypting conventional Bonds into CryptoBonds, which are coursed lawful in the Crypto Market. Other than that, Twogap stage additionally secures financial specialists, support the market, broadens the scale, and turns into the foundation of the Global Crypto Market's maintainable development.

The Twogap stage is named after the two-hole show distributed by Hollis Chenery in 1962. This model places that if the speculation required for development is a settled rate, venture shortfalls would be the fundamental limitation on development.

Moreover, the platform offers protection to the investors, inflates the market, extends the scale, and creates a pillar of sustainable growth for the Global Crypto Market.

Provided on the very platform are TGT utility tokens for motivation mechanism. The tokens are used to access all the features and transactions on the platform. As a result, they do not face any form of regulation by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Solution mechanism

Based on the demand and supply monitoring, evaluation and research, Twogap platform provides a wide range ofbasic features for encrypting, issuing, processing transactions, guaranteeing, escrow, brokerage, selling and buying for Bonds Twogap's blockchain exchange, all these features and transactions are implemented via: 4.2 Solution mechanism 11 Bonds encrypted to CryptoBonds (with a programerless & most visually graphical interface)

In particular: the TwoGap platform will be based on the EOS block-chain and will present two functions:
  • Feature One: ODAeyes - Manage and track ODA flows while handling - maximize transparency, resist corruption, and improve the efficiency of capital use.
  • The second feature: Cryptobond - bond issue, guarantee, transaction processing, sale and purchase Bonds - bonds of governments and third world enterprises receive a direct approach to world capital.
Crypto Investors organizations and individuals have more channels of direct investment in bonds rated by rating and government bonds of developing and underdeveloped third world countries. The principle of investing is not to put all the eggs in the basket, so it's investing in a hedge with a lower average risk than a cryptoresource, and higher than a business and government bond from the first world. A fascinating segment of the concern for investors, interest rates on business and government bonds of the third world will be higher than from the first world.
TwoGap phase was surrounded to convey Crypto Investors the opportunity to increase awesome and most noteworthy scale stop-infelicity thing - CryptoBond.
Purpose of the TGT token

Since the offer of chips will come to pass in August 2018, the principal implicatively hint of these chips will be to outfit the end utilizer with the keys that will authorize the limits on the stage Twogap. This is to enhearten the announcement of the beta interpretation of the Two hole arrange in October 2018. The discretionary objective of TGT chip arrangements will be to benefit Twogap's picture mindfulness through commercialization, charging more customers. There is no tertiary focus of advertising
Parameters Of The ICO
  • Token Symbol: TGT
  • Token Sale Date: August 31, 2018 – October 30, 2018
  • Token Price: $0.001
  • Total Supply: 210 billion TGT
  • Token Standard: ERC20
  • Hard Cap: 30 million


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